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University-wide Risk Management Program

Our Mission:

To integrate an enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) process within the University designed to identify and assess risk management strategies used to provide reasonable assurance regarding achievement of the University’s objectives.

Senior Management Commitment

One of the eight interrelated COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations) ERM framework components is the internal environment. Support of ERM from top executives promotes a strong internal environment that consists of management’s philosophy and operating style; established culture of integrity, strong ethical values, and competent employees.

What is University-wide risk management?

University-wide risk management is an enterprise risk management (ERM) process applied in strategy setting across the University, and is designed to identify potential events that may affect the entity and to manage risks to be within the entity's risk appetite so as to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of the entity’s objectives.

What is risk?

A risk is any event or action that adversely impacts the University’s ability to achieve its objectives. For the purposes of ERM, risk can be found in six categories:
  • Strategic – events that affect the University’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives, including competitive and market factors.
  • Compliance – events that effect compliance with laws and regulation, including safety and environmental issues, litigation, and conflicts of interest.
  • Operational – events that affect ongoing management processes and procedures.
  • Technological - events that affect the electronic information flow and communications, including electronic commerce, storage, disaster recovery, interfaces, development cycle, etc.
  • Financial – events that affect profitability and efficiency, including loss of assets, and technology risks.
  • Reputational – events that affect the reputation and public perception of the University, including political issues and negative occurrences on-campus.

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