Management Advisory Services

Management Advisory Services (MAS) provides the University community free consulting services to assist in addressing risk and compliance issues, affect change, facilitate communication, and develop solutions to problems.  MAS works with management to develop new ideas and action plans that can sharpen the organization's focus and augment existing structure, processes, and procedures by integrating control concepts, providing training and support, and identifying and implementing operational effectiveness and efficiency.

We do this by:

  • Providing objective analyses, opinions, consultations, benchmarking, and training;
  • Working with University units to improve processes and outcomes;
  • Developing forward-looking solutions consistent with Vision 2020;
  • Offering expertise in process analysis and improvement;
  • Building awareness, commitment, and capability to manage risks;
  • Finding balance control and efficiency in operations;
  • Framing useful options from an extensive knowledge of University rules and practices;
  • Anticipating, targeting, and preventing problems and address causes rather than symptoms;
  • Advocating sound business practices, share information, and assist with training;
  • Bridging gaps that span divisional lines and encourage cooperative relationships;
  • Encouraging coordination in decentralized cultures; and
  • Assisting in addressing compliance and audit issues.

Consulting Services Offered

  • Process Improvement - Analyze and streamline processes and workflows.
  • Control Environment - Assist with developing and implementing new processes and procedures, i.e., accountability, approvals, securing assets, segregating duties, reconciliations, supervision, monitoring, etc.
  • Information Technology - Consult with management in administering information resources in operations, e.g., access security, data recovery, business continuity, virus scans, software licenses, etc.
  • Organizational Structure - Assist with aligning organization structures to support operations and attain Vision 2020 goals.
  • Training - Promote good business practices through presentations and provide training for University constituents.
  • Quality Assurance - Assist management with self-assessments and program reviews.
  • Management Support - Assist management with the hiring process by participating on selection committees.
  • Benchmarking - Gather and analyze comparative data from outside entities.
  • Change Agent - Assist with implementation of audit recommendations.
  • Consultation - Provide advice to inquiries on various topics.
  • Coordination - Work on projects that cross University divisions.

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