Audit Liaison Services

The audit liaison function was created to assist and support Texas A&M University management in responding effectively to auditors and other external agencies, as requested.  The audit liaison staff work with Texas A&M University System internal auditors and Texas A&M University's constituents to facilitate mutual understanding of the audit process. 

The audit liaison's role and responsibilities encompass:

  • Attending audit related meetings including entrance conferences, end of planning meetings, status meetings, and end of field work meetings.
  • Assisting management in reviewing and responding to draft audit findings, recommendations, and reports.
  • Assisting management in identifying options for incorporating control and monitoring processes to fully address the audit recommendations and mitigate risks identified.
  • Serving as a point of contact regarding the overall audit process including the drafting and routing of management's responses.
  • Monitoring the implementation status of audit recommendations.
  • Performing oversight procedures on audit recommendations (focusing on those categorized as significant) to verify actions taken are designed and/or working effectively.
  • Monitoring recommendations with long implementation timelines to ensure they are progressing.
  • Coordinating quarterly reporting (i.e., audit tracking forms) to System Internal Audit regarding the implementation status of audit recommendations.
  • Communicating with management regarding implementation status using various methods.

Additionally, audit liaison staff prepare and distribute information to management for use in Board of Regents Audit Committee meetings.

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