Fraud Prevention

The prevention of fraud and abuse and the minimization of waste is the responsibility of every Texas A&M University employee. When Texas A&M University employees have information about dishonest, unethical or criminal activities that might affect a Texas A&M System member, they are required to report that information. Reportable activities include, but are not limited to, theft, corruption, misuse of System vehicles and/or equipment, and conflicts of interest.

See Texas A&M University System Policies 07.01, Ethics 10.02, Control of Waste, Fraud and Abuse, and System Regulation 10.02.01, Control of Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

Reporting suspected incidents of theft:

If you witness or have knowledge of a reportable theft, notify the University Police Department at (979) 845-2345.

Reporting Suspected Fraud, Waste, and Abuse:

Employees of the A&M System are required to report factual information suggestive of fraudulent, wasteful, or abusive activities that may involve the System or any of its members.

To report such activities, employees can contact:

Texas A&M System Risk, Fraud and Misconduct Hotline

Texas State Auditor's Office

All reports may remain anonymous.

Texas A&M University Fraud Prevention Contact

As required by the Texas Governor's Executive Order RP-36, Texas A&M University has appointed the following fraud contact person:

Margaret (Peggy) B. Zapalac
Assoc. Vice President - Risk, Ethics, and Compliance
Phone: 979-845-8115