Risk Dictionary

What is the Risk Dictionary?

Higher Education Risk Dictionary was a project of the Association of College and University Auditors (ACUA) under the direction of Kim Turner of Texas Tech University and David B. Crawford of The University of Texas System. The Risk Dictionary represents a collection of risks in functional areas commonly found in higher education. The Risk Dictionary was completed and is available to ACUA members at www.acua.org .

Below are excerpts from the draft Risk Dictionary before it was completed by ACUA. Each functional area is contained in a separate excel workbook. Within each spreadsheet, the risks are grouped by tasks common to the functional area. The task groupings are noted on tabs along the bottom. There is an index file available to guide users to the appropriate excel workbook and tab.


Alphabetic Index Of Sub-Processes
Auxiliary Enterprise Risks
Financial Management Risks
Information Technology Risks
Institutional Support Risks
Instruction and Academic Support Risks
Physical Plant Risks
Research Risks
Student Services Risks
Teaching Hospital Risks