Risk Assessment Tools

The following files are made available to those who wish to perform a self-assessment using Excel spreadsheets.

NameFile TypeDescription
Steps to Perform a Risk Assessment PDF Instructions and steps to performing a risk assessment for those conducting a self-assessment or who are updating an existing risk assessment.
Risk Assessment Spreadsheet Instructions Word Instructions for using the risk spreadsheets.
ExtendedBlankRSAMacros1002   File of macros to be used for assessment spreadsheets.
5.1.03extendedRSA Excel Risk assessment workbook (risk assessments begin with this spreadsheet).
5.1.03-Brainstorming-Activities Excel This spreadsheet is linked to the Activities tab of the 5.1.03extended RSA. This allows the user to scroll down the activities list while working with other columns in the extended RSA activities tab.
Consequences-And-Parking-Lot Excel This file is used to help define/link risk consequences to the severity of risk impact and to list potential mitigation strategies to be implemented subsequent to assessment.
Formatted-Risk-Footprint Excel This file provides a formatted graphical view of the overall risk matrix. (Instruction included within.)
5.1.03-Optimization-Form Excel This file is used to document mitigating strategies already in use. (Alphabetic headings on each tab are linked to the extended RSA, colored graphics are not linked.)
Ranking Criteria Guideline Excel This file provides a general guideline to assist in categorizing the impact and probability of identified risks as high, medium, and low. You are encouraged to customize the ranking criteria to fit your specific operation and/or organization.