Drug-Free Schools Committee


  • Strengthen compliance with Drug Free Schools and Communities Act requirement to prevent illegal use of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Coordinate the required biennial report that spans activities of multiple units within several Texas A&M University divisions and post the report on the web.
  • Coordinate periodic status meetings to discuss progress on action items in the prior report, current initiatives and trends noted in the various units, and hot topic issues.

Established in 2008, this committee is not required by law but serves to strengthen compliance with Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989; 20 U.S.C. 1011I, and Education Department General Administrative Regulations Part 86. The committee meets approximately two to three times a year during the reporting year and annually on the off year.


Margaret (Peggy) B. Zapalac, Chair, University Risk and Compliance Annette Wallis, University Risk and Compliance
Julie Kuder, University Risk and Compliance Cynthia Hernandez, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Kristen Harrell, Offices of the Dean of Student Life Lauren Dorsett, Health Promotion (formerly Alcohol and Drug Education Programs)
Cynthia Olvera, Department of Student Activities Dr. Maggie Gartner, Student Counseling Service
Ann Goodman, Department of Student Activities Dr. Martha Dannenbaum, Student Health Services
Dr. Dennis Reardon, Student Counseling Service Dr. Jason Hindman, Student Counseling Service
April Smith, Residence Life Dr. Bill Rae, Psychology Department
Colonel Byron Stebbins, Corps of Cadets Dr. Anna Satterfield, Employee Assistance Program
Dr. Michael Benedik, Dean of Faculties and Associate Provost Allan Baron, University Police Department
Delisa Falks, Scholarships and Financial Aid Phillip Hedrick, Athletic Department
Dr. Martha Dannenbaum, Student Health Services