Other Compliance Committees

Other URC Compliance Committees 

Enterprise Risk Management Discussion Group

Title IX Compliance Committee

ADA Compliance Committee

Clery Act Compliance Committee

Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act

Other University Compliance Committees

Academic Business Operations Committee

Agrilife Management Review Team

Athletics Council

Committee of Senior Business Administrators (CSBA)

CSBA Compliance Awareness Sub-Committee (Compliance Corner)

Council for the Built Environment

Design Review Sub-Council of the Council for the Built Environment

Facilities Utilization and Planning Sub-Council of the Council for the Built Environment

Maintenance Review Sub-Council of the Council for the Built Environment

Technical Review Sub-Council of the Council for the Built Environment

Council on Academic Technology and Innovative Education Accessibility Task Force

Engineering Safety Council

Environmental Management Council

Export Control Working Group

Information Technology Advisory Committee

Information Technology Governance - Information Risk, Policy, & Security Committee

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Institutional Review Board

Intellectual Property Constituent Committee

Laboratory Safety Committee

Radiological Safety Committee

Reactor Control Board

Research Development Fund Advisory Committees

Departmental Safety Committee

Scientific Diving Control Board

Senior Safety Oversight Committee

Student Disability Documentation Review Committee

Sustainability and Environmental Management System Committee

Environmental Management System Committee

System Research Compliance Committee

Task Force on Campus Emergencies

TCOLE Training Advisory Board (UPD)

Research Compliance Committee

Transportation Services Advisory Council

University Police Department Training Committee

Web Accessibility Coordinator Working Group