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Compliance Requirements Span Texas A&M University

 TAMU Rules…… Student Rules…… Aggie Honor System…… Human Resources - EEO…… Disability Services - ADA…… Privacy - FERPA…… Athletics - NCAA…… Payroll - Tax…… IT Security - 1 TAC §202…… Research - IRB/IACUC/IBC…… Financial Aid - Title IV…… Police - Clery…… International - Export…… Environmental Health & Safety - Fire & Life Safety

TAMU aspires to excellence in all that it does. The myriad of compliance requirements that span TAMU’s activities significantly impact the mission of teaching, research, and service.
TAMU has a university-wide Compliance Program to encourage ethical conduct and compliance with its legal obligations. The TAMU Compliance Officer chairs a university-wide Compliance Committee that has identified significant risks through TAMU’s Enterprise Risk Management program and developed a Compliance Plan to systematically address and monitor effective mitigation of the significant risks. This process is on going. The University-wide Compliance Program is designed to enhance understanding of ethical behavior and compliance requirements and systematically address compliance risks.
Key to a successful Compliance Program is recognition that individuals are responsible for ethical conduct and compliance in carrying out daily activities. In answering the call to excellence, individual honor and accountability carry forward to daily activities, enabling TAMU to lead with integrity.

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