Texas A&M University aspires to excellence. To achieve excellence, each of us must behave in ways that are consistent with all the applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies that govern our University.  These requirements span our teaching, research, and outreach missions.

The Texas A&M University Compliance Officer, Kevin McGinnis, chairs a university-wide Compliance Committee that has identified significant risks through Texas A&M University’s Enterprise Risk Management program and developed a Compliance Plan to systematically address and monitor effective mitigation of significant risks. This process is on-going and continuously updated. The university-wide Compliance Program enhances the understanding of ethical behavior and compliance requirements and systematically address compliance risks.

Key to a successful Compliance Program is the involvement of the entire campus community.  Each individual must recognize their role and responsibilities and ensure that they behave in an ethical way when carrying out daily activities.  Doing so is just another way we fulfill the Aggie Code of Honor.

Compliance Documents

List of key compliance documents with a brief description