Texas A&M University relies on all faculty, staff, and students to be knowledgeable of about compliance obligations and the ethical behavior associated with their respective roles. 

The Office of Risk, Ethics, and Compliance (OREC) provides leadership and university-wide services that strengthen accountability, mitigate significant risks, and reduce the consequences of non-compliance with federal and state laws. 

What is Risk?

Risk is any event or action that adversely impacts the University. Enterprise Risk Management is the process by which the university identifies and manages risk. We consider six types of risk, what the university is willing and able to potentially gain or lose from each of those risks, and how we can best mitigate those risks while still being able to achieve our research, teaching, and outreach missions.

What is Compliance?

Compliance is acting in accordance to established guidelines, rules, laws, specifications, standards, or terms. Compliance encourages ethical behavior and the fulfillment of laws and other obligations.

What does it mean to you?

Compliance is a willingness to follow a prescribed course of action, such as laws and regulations. Compliance is about understanding and fulfilling our many and varied obligations. You can learn more about what compliance means to you based upon who you are and your role at Texas A&M University.